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The majority of my blog postings have been to do with the Jersey Child Abuse Cover Up. Back in 2008 when Operation Rectangle went public and the resulting denigration of lead investigating officer Lenny Harper, the trashing of Operation Rectangle and the resulting farcical suspension of former Chief of Police Graham Power and not forgetting the tragic abuse of innocent children of Jersey made me want to do something. The Rico Sorda blog spot was born. 

I have no training in Journalism. My spelling, punctuation and the ability to string a sentence together wasn't going to stop me. I was just one of  a small band who was prepared to do something about the Cover-Up. I decided from the very beginning that everything I published would be under my name. I would stand by it. I still stand by it. I just used my instinct. Anyone can do it. The (Pipe Fitter ) nailed it. 

I would like to say a very big thank you to Voiceforchildren (VFC). I met VFC back in 2008. Our paths had never crossed before but straight away I found a brother in arms. After pestering me for quite some time VFC persuaded me to start blogging. We became a Team. Team Voice. We were determined to get the truth about the attempted Cover Up and trashing of Operation Rectangle out into the public domain. We were going to challenge  the spin being put out via our local media, the English media and not least David Rose of the Daily Mail.  During the early day it was just myself and VFC. Taking up the mantle from former Senator Stuart Syvret, who via his excellent blog exposed so much and was brave in doing so. He remains an inspiration to me. Over time we had other decent minded politicians join us in the fight for truth. The Pitmans, Bob Hill, Mike Higgens, Daniel Wimberly Montford Tadier.i have nothing but the utmost respect for all of them.

The work that appears on the VFC blog and my own is probably the most comprehensive piece of Investigative Journalism that Jersey has ever seen or is likely to see for some time. We took risks in publishing what we did. We did it for the greater good with no protection. Nobody had believed the victims of abuse, then when finally they were brave enough to tell their horrific stories, they had to watch the investigation get trashed. It was sickening then and continues to be sickening to this day.

The body of work on my blog is there for all to see and read. From the Metropolitan Interim Police Report, The Warcup Letter, The In Camera Debate, The ripping apart of the BDO ALTO Report into the financial handling of Operation Rectangle.  The exposing of David Rose and Mick Gradwell. The list go on.

For the Victims of horrific mental and physical abuse.

For Graham Power & Lenny Harper who exposed this horrific abuse. 

VFC and Myself gave them a Voice

I would like to thank everyone again for logging on and reading what we have to say. 

The Committee of Enquiry publish their report in July.. I will not pass judgement until then.

Thank You

Rico Sorda


Long time reader and friend said...

So proud of you and VFC, Rico. I've read both blogs pretty much every day since 2008. It's been electric reading.

As you rightly say "The work that appears on the VFC blog and my own is probably the most comprehensive piece of Investigative Journalism that Jersey has ever seen or is likely to see for some time". I couldn't agree more. Nice to see you acknowledge Stuart's inspiration too. Keep up the excellent work.

Not bad for a "pipe fitter", eh?

Anonymous said...

I am an avid reader of the team voice blogs and have been since they started and the courage you guys have shown is immense. Having 1,000,000 hits from just 358 blogs shows how significant your posting are and long may they continue. You are a good man with a good heart Rico. One of the very few willing to put your arse on the line for truth and justice. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Rico, thank you for all you have and continue to do to support the survivors and expose the Jersey establishment for it's repeated lies and cover ups.
Rico Sorda and VFC blogs, are the only two active Jersey blogs these days. They are 2 quality blogs as are or were, Stuart Syvret's blog, 'The Bald Truth', 'In Lenny we Trust" and 'Holiday in the Sun".

Belated Happy Birthday and all the best to you and your family.

From a long time Jersey blog reader.

Póló said...

Well done Rico.

Yourself and VFC have done, and are still doing, a magnificent job. The Jersey mainstream media has let the people of Jersey, the victims/survivors and the police of the day down very badly. Ye bravely stepped into the breach and have done the people of Jersey proud, even if many of them are too brainwashed to realise it.

Just for the record, I don't think it should be forgotten that in doing what you have done and in standing up for the oppressed, both yourself and your wife were subjected to appalling abuse, and yet you stuck with it.

I remember one time, way back, when you were invited onto BBC morning radio. I think they thought you'd make a mess of it and do their dirty work for them. I was very proud of you that day as you rose to the occasion and were magnificent. I don't think they invited you back since.

Yourself, and VFC and Stuart, deserve a statue in Royal Square and there would also need to be a further series of angels surrounding the plinth, some of whom you have mentioned above.

Congratulations on the hits.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a milestone to hit 1 million hits is fantastic and shows there is huge interest in your blog. Well done Rico and team voice.

Gillian Gracia said...

Both you and VFC have opened up the dark forces that operate in this Island in an honest, passionate and respected way. Never have either of you faltered or 'got it wrong'.

The issue of Child Abuse brought together a lot of people who had never met before, but have formed great friendships from the common aim of exposing what truly happened here in Jersey. The other people you have mentioned deserve the utmost credit as well for never faltering in this quest - some at great personal cost to themselves.

I too will wait and see what the Report brings. Then and only then can we pass judgement.

Thank you all, and keep going Rico and VFC.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your million Rico you deserve many more than that for what you have done for truth honesty and integrity . I am truly grateful for what you have done with your blog which has opened my eyes to the lies and spin from the local mainstream media.

voiceforchildren said...


Congratulations on reaching a million hits. It's been, and is, an absolute pleasure working with you attempting to give the Victims/Survivors a voice. We both know that very little has changed or is likely to change with our corrupt and politicised "judiciary" who are the real power on this Island. You can hold your head higher than many others by being able to say; "at least I tried to do something." You will be on the right side of history my friend.

In the meantime. The Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry will be remaining TIGHT LIPPED.

RL said...

I too want to add a word of congratulation for the (first?) million hits. They are well deserved – and bear eloquent testimony to the value of the selfless work done by you – along with VFC and a handful of others – in the past several years, in your pursuit of truth and transparency in the often fog-bound island of Jersey.

The Child Care/Abuse Inquiry is – as they say – all over bar the shouting. We must wait a little while longer to know if we shall be shouting in praise – or in anger. But either way, those who care about the safety of Jersey’s children and adolescents will continue to need the support of folk like you; either to sort through the wreckage of an Inquiry that’s “gone wrong”, or to build upon the results of an Inquiry that’s “gone right”. Either way, Rico, this isn’t where the story ends – it’s only the end of a chapter.

So, by all means savour your first million hits. But don’t let that landmark blind you to the fact that there’ll be several more million hits’ worth of investigative blogging to come before the good folk of Jersey are rid of mediaeval feudalism and can step firmly into the 21st century.


Well Rico, a lot of hard work you have done and enlighten the people of the truth.

voiceforchildren said...


Be Careful What (who) You WISH FOR.


A huge thank you for all you have done. Without you the people would not be any the wiser about the child abuse case. Also the other subjects that you have written about.
You have been a very big thorn in the establishment's side and all praise for it.