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On the 12th November 2008 Deputy Andrew Lewis as Home Affairs Minister suspended the Chief of Police Graham Power QPM on what can only be described as spurious grounds. This act was the only significant Ministerial decision he made during his very short tenure as Home Affairs Minister before retiring from politics at the end of 2008.The above action set in chain an Independent Disciplinary Investigation by Wiltshire Constabulary.This was named Operation Haven 1.

Wiltshire were called in to conduct a disciplinary investigation into Operation Rectangle. This was led by Chief Constable Brian Moore. Wiltshire was not the end of a disciplinary procedure but the beginning. What happened next went beyond farcical. Graham Power prepared his defence case which included a 94page 62,000 word document. Wiltshire then missed every deadline set. In fact, they didn't finish their report until mid 2010. By then Graham Power had left the States of Jersey Police. Wiltshire was meant to report their findings in March 2009. Graham Power was denied the opportunity to state his defence case. Deputy Andrew Lewis has continuously attempted to rely on the allegations made against Graham Power in Operation Haven 1 in order to justify his suspension of the former Chief of Police.

Andrew Lewis wants to rely upon unproven - untested allegations contained in the prosecution case.

Andrew Lewis has no shame and is bringing the States of Jersey into disrepute by continuing this absurd attempt to clear his name. Clearly Deputy Andrew Lewis doesn't comprehend that natural justice dictates that an accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty. He is clutching at straws. Graham Power is innocent of all allegations in Haven 1. That's not me saying that - that's the law.

Even in the States today Deputy Andrew Lewis was saying how Wiltshire was a damning report. This makes Deputy Andrew Lewis incredibly stupid or extremely desperate.. He should just resign from the states and save himself and his political colleagues anymore shame.

The verdict is in. It cost the taxpayer 23million pounds. P.P.C should be looking at what sanctions they can impose on Deputy Lewis not rehashing such a costly investigation.



Rico Sorda


Gillian Gracia said...

Short and to the point Rico. I would say Lewis is both stupid and desperate and I look forward to the Public PPC hearing.

We were both at the CoI the day he damaged his reputation beyond repair, and in doing so his reputation as a States Member also. A day I will never forget. If I remember rightly Rico, there was aomeone sitting with Graham Power who said that if this was being heard in the UK Lewis would have been in deep trouble.

I am also very saddened that the Chief Minister is reluctant to offer an apology and needs to 'read the report in full'. Sorry, but he should be in full possession of all the facts by now regardless of what the Report says. He also should not be looking for a 'lifeboat'.

thejerseyway said...

Hi Rico,

Just put up the interview of Graham Power done by BBC Jersey Radio this morning. You and you readers can listen HERE


voiceforchildren said...

It's good to get some "facts" up about the Wilts Report Rico. It has been misrepresented so much in the Press and by those wishing to carry on the cover up. It is a prosecution case that never happened. It was a failed investigation which cost the taxpayer in excess of £1.5m. If Andrew Lewis wants people to read the prosecution case against Mr. Power then he should also be asking them to read the defence case.

He (AL) is looking more desperate by the day for trying to cling on to a prosecution case which didn't even exist when he (possibly illegally) suspended the Chief of Police.

Anonymous said...

Incredibly stupid, extremely desperate, has no shame, bringing Jersey into disrepute.
Enough said!

Anonymous said...

Rico, do you know how much the Wiltshire report cost the Jersey tax-payer?
Thank you.

rico sorda said...

About 1.5 million.

thejerseyway said...

Hi Rico

I've just put up an Old but very interesting Blog I did back in November 2012, When the BBC was talking about BLoggers and they had a few on to discus what there problem was!

Since the Independent Care Inquiry's report has been published and that you bloggers have been justified in what you were saying I thought i would republish it.

Its quite good Listen.

You and your readers can listen HERE