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As we plod along to election day my rather small mind started to turn towards Reform Jersey. Now, before I start, I want to say that I hope Reform Jersey do really well at the ballot box on May 16th.  The Constable Party can't be allowed to have it all there own way. 10 Constables returned un-contested  - 1 Constable returned by the Royal Court in what can be best described as a shambles - not by Reform Jersey I might add but by the administration  at St Brelade Parish Hall ( I heard that the the person who made the complaint is no other than Mike Jackson's partner but I hope that is just a case of classic Jersey hearsay and not in anyway true)  We are then left with the good parishioners of St Mary to actually elect a Constable (a re run of 2014) and have us up to the early hours  of the morning  listening intently to the wireless as they count and re-count 60 votes. This is what makes  a Jersey election special.  

Back to Reform Jersey.

Reform Jersey have been the opposition Party in the States. I know there has only been 3 of them. Deputies Mezec, Southern & Tadier and they have done their best at holding the executive to account ( Not forgetting the Andrew Lewis faux pas.) but what exactly is the plan after the election? The problem I have is with Sam Mezec going for Senator.  Again, I wish him well. I would be shocked if he did not get elected - but why Senator? I take it that he wants the Island Wide mandate to put himself in a strong position for a Ministerial Position but surely Reform Jersey must be the government not a  part of the government. They don't have enough experienced candidates to come in and take the big positions. They need to get as many candidates  elected as  possible and then build a power base ready for the 2022 election. What happens to Reform Jersey as an opposition party if their Chairman is sitting in the executive as a Minister? I don't quite get it. Now I might be getting this all wrong and Sam has no intention of a Ministerial position but I'm sure I read somewhere that he is. I looked forward to getting some comments regarding this issue. Again, I wish them well. Build now for 2022.

The Hustings are underway. This is a special event on the OAP calendar. Off they go to the Parish Hall thinking that they are going to get  Billy Ocean but instead get Stevie Ocean uttering the  same old pointless nonsense that he  uttered 4yrs previously. He is not alone. They all do it. Senatorial Elections are not won or lost at Hustings. You will find the odd young person sitting in the crowd wandering how the hell they ended up there and how the hell do the get out of there. 

Then you have  the St Clement Hustings. All the candidates think that the oldies have turned up to listen to  them waffle on when in fact they have only turned up to hear  Constable Len Norman deliver his ageless and timeless one line  gag. "Welcome to St Clement. God's own Parish" . They laugh, they cheer then they pop the pills as they realise it all down hill for the next 2 hours.  This is what makes the Jersey Election Special. 

Also, word on the street is that Moz Scott who is running in the Senatorial Election is the Establishment Plant. After listening to her speeches I'm like her in that I don't have a bloody clue if she is or not.  Ben Shenton has his work cut out with that one. Will probably top the poll. This is what makes the Jersey Election Special. 

Back Soon

Rico Sorda 


Anonymous said...

You got it right that Moz Scott is the establishment plant Rico. She's what has become colloquially termed as "a useful idiot." Tailor made to be a sock puppet for Ben Shenton and his ilk. Way out of her depth and hasn't got a clue how she is being groomed by Shenton.

Anonymous said...

Marilyn Carre was stitched up by the toxic parish system and is a victim of the jersey way. Why is nobody asking questions of the parish secretary whose job it was to check the nomination form for any irregularities and found there were none. Told Reform Jersey there were no irregularities and then reported an irregularity to the corrupt royal court. FFS Jersey wake up and smell the coffee!

Anonymous said...

You raise a valid point about Sam becoming a minister. Welcome back.

voiceforchildren said...


You summed up the St. Clement Husting(s) perfectly in one small paragraph.

"Then you have the St Clement Hustings. All the candidates think that the oldies have turned up to listen to them waffle on when in fact they have only turned up to hear Constable Len Norman deliver his ageless and timeless one line gag. "Welcome to St Clement. God's own Parish" . They laugh, they cheer then they pop the pills as they realise it all down hill for the next 2 hours. This is what makes the Jersey Election Special."

It's exactly the same every election. It really is beyond parody.

Anonymous said...

Sam Mezec is crap.
Last night he said quote 'it is naive to say the housing problem is down to supply and demand'...Well WTF is it then? He then contradicted himself and said 'we need to force owners of empty properties to rent them out'; when that move raises the supply.
You've obviously done no homework again on these idiots.

Anonymous said...

I won't be voting for Sam this time around because of his jumping on a band wagon with the liar Andrew Lewis. I would however vote for Monty Tadier because at least he has stayed true to the victims of child abuse and had nothing to do with Andrew Lewis. It was a big mistake of Sam to hitch his wagon to the same as Andrew Lewis's and I can never forgive him for that.

Anonymous said...

Come on Rico, there is nobody worth voting for in these elections.

Ian Leslie said...

It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere. If voting changed anything "THEY" would make it illegal.

Anonymous said...

Sam does not listen and was vile when asked about Lewis and that was all before the Inquiry publicly shamed Lewis as a liar.
These things cannot be undone so I won't be voting for Reform but I will vote for new independents.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear Frank and Fiona Walker on the radio this morning? They were supposed to be there to talk about the national news papers and spent near on the whole show attacking social media. Absolutely disgraceful bias load of propaganda and scare tactics I have ever heard from the BBC. State Media wants social media shut down. If you didn't listen to it then you MUST go to the iplayer.

voiceforchildren said...


How about a "None of the Above" box on the BALLOT PAPER?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:08. BBC Jersey Radio will be shut down long before social media, and as for has-beans, Frank and Fiona commanding the very low listening figures Sunday morning show, who now cares?! Its now a completely ineffectual radio station!

Anonymous said...


If you want to be taken seriously as an online journalist, you really should do some proper research before blogging. This link will show you how it's done.

To clear something else up, Mike Jackson's partner does work at the St Brelade Parish Hall, but she is not the parish secretary and had nothing to do with this debacle.

Probably only two people know what actually happened when Ms Carre took her form in. Her and the person she gave it to, to check. Did she ask "I am a member of Reform, have I completed this form correctly?" Or did she ask "are all these people on the electoral roll?" There is a huge difference if you are going to blame a third person for your (and your party's) administrative incompetence.

I'm afraid Reform's reaction to this blunder of their own making does not cast them in a good light. There is always a time to hold your hand up and admit you made a mistake, rather than blame everyone else. The latter action shows great immaturity, which is something they need to address quickly if they want to be taken seriously in future.

Before spouting off on Facebook, Anne Southern in particular should know better to check the law and relevant forms (her husband Geoff being fined £10,000 in 2009 for failing to adhere to the law reading postal applications). Reform may think “the Public Elections law is an ass”, but until they have enough support in the States to change it, it might be good idea to respect and adhere to it.

rico sorda said...

Hi Anon. I did read Tony's blog and always an informative read.. I actually mentioned it as I thought there wouldn't be any truth in it. But there you go - if you ask the question you get answers you don't expect.

Anonymous said...

Anon Rico writes stuff off the cuff...... without doing any proper research or even getting a balanced opinion from people he slurs..... then he poses like some buffoon with a typewriter as if he is 'something'.
Stick to Tony's musings, he's better educated and never repeats stories.

rico sorda said...

Hi Terry.

Just tell it how it is. Hope you are well and getting excited for the election.



Anonymous said...

Which Terry do you mean Rico?

This one perhaps:

"Mr Le Main.

As you have threatened to sue me if I publish any lies or defame you in any way on my Blog and also told me "if I care about my wife and children I should watch where I poke my nose", which I also take as a direct threat. I would like once more to offer you the opportunity to give me an interview on camera not only to explain these statements to your electorate and myself but also to answer a few more questions.

I believe in a democratic society our elected representatives ought to be answerable to their electorate. Unfortunately it appears our local media have come up a bit short when it comes to any real indepth "journalism"

As I am sure you are aware you have come in for a great deal of criticism not only for "shouting down" Senator Syvret's attempt to aknowledge alleged child abuse victims and catastrophic failings by the States of Jersey in protecting them, but now you wish to prevent him from giving his "Father of the house" Christmas speech all together!

You have been quoted as saying you and a few others are "in fear of what he might say" but have not elaborated in any way what you and others are "in fear of".

In order to produce a fair and balanced Blog on you, I would ask you would reconsider your threats and agree to an interview on camera. I have absolutely no wish to lie about, or defame, you in any way. I would just like to give you the opportunity to answer the questions that are being asked of you by your electorate and maybe explain, what appears to be, your very un democratic behaviour.


The Terry who was the enthusiastic chief foot stamper each time child abuse was covered up?

Anonymous said...

Makes us wonder what Terry needs/has to hide?!

Anonymous said...

No great fan of Geoff Southern. But the poster who sounds like Mike Jackson tries to dig up Southern being fined for following his then JDA collegue Shona Pitman's brave and principled stance that the Article 39 clause (now scrapped) brought in just for the 2008 Deputies election was both in breach of the ECHR and discriminitive against the elderly and the housebound, so she would continue to help people really should have painted the full picture. Opportunistic pops at Reform (no great fan) are cheap and easy, But why not point out the truth? Our present Bailiff, then Attorney General William Bailhache was exposed in the last debate of March 2009 as a total liar, initially denying that there were not others who broke the same law but who he chose not prosecute. So there we have it. 10 years have passed. Reform Jersey and the JDA. Singled out for the Jersey Way. The more things change the more they stay the same.

Anonymous said...

There was no excuse for what Southern and Pitman did so I won't buy that, and it was up to Reform Jersey to ensure their Nomination Forms were perfectly done. Why give the Establishment an excuse to pull you up when it can be avoided.

Paedophiles who can dish the dirt must be protected at all costs ...... said...

The very little respect that I have for Southern is based on standing by his statement in the house that it was a bad law (now amended?) and hence that he would not comply with it

"But why not point out the truth? Our present Bailiff, then Attorney General William Bailhache was exposed in the last debate of March 2009 as a total liar, initially denying that there were not others who broke the same law but who he chose not prosecute."

But before you get your knickers in a twist, please bear in mind that there are far more important laws that need to be enforced first -

The laws that you do not beat, torture or rape children.

In addition to being "economical with the truth" above, William Bailhache, our present Bailiff has a rather a poor record on this:

Anonymous said...

You clearly do not understand the breech of people's Human Rights in not being able to vote because of a law that in most Jersey Way fashion did not apply to the Senators as pointed out above.

Where there really was no excuse though it strangely doesn't seem to bother you is that Bill Bailhache only prosecuted the two JDA candidates but not, as was forced to admit having first lied to the States, any of the non-party candidates who did the same.

Please explain.

Was Sir Jimmy Smallvile a necrophile ..........? said...

This case might be of interest to well informed readers

"an insincere witness"
How very embarrassing for the authorities......

Póló said...

and for Emma, if she is capable of being embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

Neather the authorities nor the establishment know embarrassment. They just know that they can survive another day.

voiceforchildren said...


Candidates (not all) answer the question "would you support a "None of the Above" (NOTA) on the BALLOT PAPER?

voiceforchildren said...


Following the Press Conference of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association yesterday. Exclusive interview with former Health Minister and Child Abuse whistleblower STUART SYVRET.

Truthseeker said...

Funny radio job yesterday, I liked it!

TonyTheProf said...

" I heard that the the person who made the complaint is no other than Mike Jackson's partner but I hope that is just a case of classic Jersey hearsay and not in anyway true"

Rico, as soon as Mike said he was standing and long before Marilyn, she was taken off any front desk duties and put into a separate office where her only duties were do to with processing rates assessments. The Parish were very aware of any potential conflict of interest and made absolutely sure there was a solid administrative (and physical) wall between her and the main administrators.

The notion that she was involved is the kind of complaint made by someone who didn't check the facts.

voiceforchildren said...


Exclusive, and in-depth interview, with Reform Jersey's Senator-Elect SAM MEZEC.